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Dear owners and simply lovers of the dogo and presa canario!

The Perro de Presa Canario & Dogo Canario Pedigree Database Team welcomes you on our site. We would like to introduce you to the main ideas behind our resource and highlight some important concepts behind this project.

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..Our data base is a not for profit and an independent project. Our main goal is to accumulate the most accurate and truthful information about the dogs

..People behind this project are volunteers and have absolutely no comercial gain by participating in the project

..We consider ourselves apolitical, we take no sides and we are driven exclusively by our love for the dogs. As a result we have an added functionality where we can choose the breed of your dog either as a perro de presa canario or dogo canario. Simply send us a paperwork confirming what registration name you would like for your dog.

This project is intended as international and very dynamic. The changes in the data base occur every day and it will be more so if you could join us and share some information about your wonderful dogs!

Before you contact us, please take a quick look at the following links that should answer some of the basic questions about the use of the database:

-> A simple guide on how to use the database

-> Rules and guidlines on how to replace a dog's picture or video

-> Порядок внесения шоу- и рабочих титулов,

а так же данные о здоровье собаки и регистрационное имя породы

-> Our requirements on adding show and working titles
and certificates as well as health test results and the breed name of the dog

Welcome and best regards,

Perro de Presa Canario & Dogo Canario Pedigree Data Base Team

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